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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our PRODUCT / SERVICE and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send e-mail to ACE.AUTOMOTIVE@OUTLOOK.COM


What does Ace Automotive charge per hour?

We offer services and repair for $90.00 per hour.


How much is an oil change?

For $35 plus the cost of materials, Oil changes include a complimentary vehicle inspection and full lubrication with fluid top ups.


How do i know you're being honest, not tricking me into performing an unnecessary repair or service?

Dishonesty has no place with Ace Auto. Our employees understand that it is grounds for immediate dismissal. Ace Auto is not looking to squeeze every last dollar out of their customers. I understand a long term relationship will benefit us both more than the former. At Ace Automotive Repair Inc, we will always remain straight and true to our word. Any question is a good question and as my customer it is your right to be answered properly and accurately. If pictures help we will take pictures. If showing you helped, we will show you.


Does Ace Auto provide a shuttle service to drive me home or to work?

Yes we are proud to offer you transport to a destination within the county of Lacombe. 


Can i take my vehicle somewhere else for a second or third opinion?

Yes. Ace Auto encourages you to investigate other service providers. We know finding a good shop you can trust is tough. At Ace Auto not only are we trustworthy, we are confident in our market strategy and implementation. Ace Auto has spent years on market analysis, reviewing competitions buying patterns and knows the automotive industry is highly fragmented making it hard to differentiate or create a niche for itself. It's all kind of complicated, but with the help of accountants and financial planers we will provide our customers with a local leader in quality and service experience of all the small non dealership repair firms within the Lacombe area while maintaining the lowest cost plan.


Does Ace Auto perform body work repair?



Does Ace Auto provide a writen estimate?

Yes. Ace Auto has purchased the most up to date software to make the estimate writing and delivery process simple and easy to understand for the customer. We stand by our estimates and will contact you if changes are expected due to un-forsene events.


Do you offer a warranty on parts and labor?

Yes. Any labor performed through Ace Auto without interruption by another service provider carries a 12000 km gaurentee of service. Parts warranty is purely decided by the provider.


What is the best make of vehicle?

I have no opinion and feel they are all engineered to be the best they can be. One thing is for sure, If you stay up on your maintenance and repairs with todays vehicles, You will far exceed the estimated engineered life span of that vehicle.

Thank you, we hope to see you soon at Ace Auto